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Come train with us

I have a large room in the basement of my house that is where we train. Just "Knock" or "Ring the Bell" I will open the door for you. Our classes are intimate small groups, sometimes just one on one (a private). You get lots of attention from the instructor. Sometimes we train outside to take advantage of the weather.

There is plenty of parking on Elena Ct, and along Ontario St.

Wednesday Nights - 7:30pm till 9:00pm

Saturday Mornings - 8:30am till 10:00am
(Early, but doesn't mess up your day)

Training classes are typically ninety (90) minutes long. Sometimes we go over if everyone wants to work a little bit longer.

We ware comfortable clothes (shorts or pants, t-shirt). There is a bathroom you can change in, and a yappie toy poodle named Rufus to contend with. The training is for adults (16 years or older).

Cup and mouth guard are optional.

Can you try out a class? Sure, it’s only ten bucks and I won’t be offended if this is not for you, or I am not the instructor for you. I do this because it helps me keep my training up, it improves my understanding of Systema, and I have a lot of fun with my students.

84 Ontario Street
Martial Arts Training Room

Martial Arts Training Room


Tools to train with