We believe in breathing, movement, posture, and relaxation.

We believe you should leave class healthier than when you came in.

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84 Ontario Street
Georgetown, Ontario

What do our students have to say …

After having been a student of Gary’s for the past year and a half I can attest to the following; Gary’s Systema class will help you become the best version of yourself. His ability to push you to your limits but also to restore you and help you recover is second-to-none. I have learned many self defense techniques, but also about connecting your breathing, using martial arts to become healthier and grow friendships in and out of the classroom with like-minded individuals. As an instructor Gary has an amazing ability to sense and tailor each class to how you are reacting on any given day. Always humble, very resourceful and patient Gary provides an amazing training environment.

Cameron Northrop

When I first came across videos of Systema practitioners online, I knew it was something I had to try and possibly take up training in. Gary’s classes in Georgetown were the closest ones to me that I could find. After my first class I was hooked! Not only is Gary a great instructor who has well over a decade of experience in multiple arts, but his way of conveying the principles of Systema helped me rapidly understand what it was all about, and how it was unique compared to many other styles of combat out there.

Govan Kilgour
I attended more than a few Systema classes with Gary and found them to be quite eye-opening. My intention was to understand movement, posture, and staying collected when in situations that seem out of my control. He does a great job and offers a breadth of experience in this field. I highly recommend his classes for their value and overall knowledge of this style. I would still be attending if my schedule permitted it.
Symon Burgess